Wednesday, December 9, 2015

hilang seri sengihan mu :/

at this exact moment last year , i would lay back on sofa with tv turned on showing kami histeria just to avoid ultimate silent  , my eyes and all my might were on my symbian nokia phone , typing and struggling but didn't feel that struggle back then like i said . it was wonderful . not that i didn't have any other things to do but i always made my time for you without realizing that those moments aren't repeatable this moment this year.

i was happy hearing that you were not alone anymore . well i was surprised at first to be honest as he was my friend . close friend back then . so close that i could reach his house in 5 minutes to ask him the truth but i didn't bother to do nonsense like that . one sentence popped in my mind at that time like oh no she broke her life principle . never thought it could be worse.

i thought that the moment we finished our battle as a students would amazing for us to continue our craziness but you are n't even responding to me right now . not a single bye or even hi that could enlighten me up like those days where your stories were in my mind . 

it's good to be loyal but .. at this moment , it was pretty unsure if your loyalty could be sustained until i see you both together as a family one day . i'm not saying that's impossible because i kind of doing the same damn thing but what i didn't do is abandoning friends. your story might tell me different thing in different perception that could blow my mind but the thing is , the privileges to hear your stories are now completely gone , sadly . your stories are now with him.

it's funny when we put trust on someone especially on their words and they act against them . i barely remember your life principle that i could write it down here but what i'm sure is you wont cross the line when the time isn't suitable  . you hurt once and you wont come back . do send him a deepest gratitude if he did a good work avoiding that to happen again .  but look at you now . i glad you are still happy and hoping you always will be .

i may came up late in your life story line , just like you came up all of the sudden changing my point of view on different gender friendship. but all my fear after all this time if one of us fall to another and ruining the beauty of friendship but it is different as you fall to another person .

at this moment you might be saying oh fiz do you only have me in your circle of friends or you still have your main character of your life right and yes the others i still have them but one person is not there anymore in the circles because she is busy with her new life .

the wings are broken now . im not flying without them . i don't find it sharing every morning anymore. i dont find it your solitary life . dont find it in your words and simple line .

you are always welcomed to my life if you change your mind when the perfect times come , 

when you remember endless conversation that we encounter , 
when you remember all our nicknames ,
when you know that your daily routines still running around in my mind , 
when you are ready to live up our stories .

again .

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