Sunday, January 19, 2014

sekarang dah bijak sikit kot.

it was 15th jan when i just went back from school , mama said that she got a message from an unknown number , saying that i was accepted into sbp and asked me to check for futher information . instead of being lazy and play procrastinate as i had always done , with mama's beside me , i rushingly browse the web and found that the kementerian pendidikan offers me a better place to study , a malay college , where it will be in kuala kangsar , a premier all-boys and all-malays sbp , with such a great history and graduate . well then , my mind had gone crazy that exact moment , but still couldn't found any terms to name that feeling .

after knowing that i need to register on 5th of feb , i counted the remaining days i had in parit raja , and in tun ismail esp :'( i was then skimming through all documents that will need to be printed out and guess what , i need to buy a lot of things ; new school uniform , pairs of white-cloured trousers , shoes , sport shoes , tracksuit , kain pelikat , torchlight , stamps oh come on . i need to get a medical check-up , i think i'm in a good condition right now , but still doesn't know how my 'inside' condition .

my heart was convincing me to tell about this to my close friends and person but my mind didn't agree about that . then i realised that it will be a shocking ( and even sad ) news for some people and decided not to draw attention and keep my mouth shutted up . but at that night , i call someone who means so much to me after i texted her about this and as i'd expected , we got into a deep sentimental conversation , accompanied by tears all around . i couldn't bear her tears , so i shed some , meh .

the next day , my whole class had knew this , thanks to iman for spreading the news -.-, also my form teachers who took my name and put it in 'will-left' list i guess . amirul was leaving the school that day and will move to sekolah teknik in jb if i'm not wrong , a little farewell was handled . i was thinking lah kan ,  how my farewell will be :/

at night , in the morning technically , i called two more people and tell them about this . then i got the expression that i guess . i feel really bad to tell them but things will get even worse if i didn't tell them :p 

i'm excited to go there . fulfilling my promise to Abah is one of my greatest achievement .

but deep inside , i feel uncomfy about myself .