Thursday, January 1, 2015

tiada seindah sengihan mu o:)

January 1st 2015 . 17 years old babyyy

things doesn't happened as expected . i planned that this would be my last note for 2014 , but He only let me to post this as the first note of this year . forgetting about that , my first sentence of this paragraph is synonym with the type of life i've been through in last year as well . the environment and the experience was enormously different than my previous years . one of the main factor is of course , school ; the location not to forget . i don't think to sum up last year in this note ; just like i summed up pmr examination in a post and finally resulting of a 13 paragraphs note , winner for the longest notes .

as everyone has gone through in all kind of holidays before this , at the starting point of it , plenty of productive and interesting things to do got stuck in my mind . from helping Abah at his work whenever he ask for it or not to taking a tuition class for subject i have trouble to deal with , from reading those 'interesting' super thick spm revision books to hanging out with old friends or i can say important character in my life story line while the time's last , now it's all about 10 days left right now and it's a matter of fact that i won't be able to get or ... ironically create a kind of fictional remote control that can rewind the time, just like that one movie, to get things all done . but it get even better ...

it's been around a month that you become my close friend , in whatsapp , for sure .  what i was amazed about my own self when chatting with u , u mysteriously let me to just be me . be Hafiz Amni , rather than having the stress to think what to reply , what's the next sentence or even suitable smiley that suited the sentence . my little fingers just dancing and tapping continuously and i could say , on fire to type . i'm comfortable . u comforts me the way other people can't do . u are a type of girl that make me crave for more  , more of your message and i can feel my own delight of joy whenever i received or gone to received any reply from u . gitu lah

but I try to convince myself that im not doing this for fun or worse , to flirt .  i just wanna make friends ; not those kind of relationship that most people around me craving for . real friend . sharing everything with each other without any hope or hidden intention and feeling. just let it all out . alhamdulillah we had knew each other life principle . that really help me a lot to control myself from taking the next step . the thing i avoid the most for this moment . the way we talked like we've been together for a long time . i can feel the electromagnetic force that combine us together by a strange kind of bond . from family , routine and life principle towards funny stories , laughter and temporarily sad moment , all of that are just little fraction of the joy we had. alahaii

currently , i know how to handle our conversation but im not sure if i can handle our feelings . hope there's no addition . accepting the fact that i won't be able to contact you this year because of spm kindly gave me mini heart attack at first . but parents always wanted the best for their child . it's only your twin now that i have . ceh .  i think it's not crossing the line if i say this : i hope i can meet you someday and be crazy like these days , this holiday ; a holiday of you . haha . ni tengah sengih ni .

but , you you , read this , im officially add you as the main character in my life story line :) tata