Sunday, November 17, 2013

i'd crossed the 'line'

So the real school holidays were just started yesterday despite the early school holidays given to me , form 3 students on the start of November . Back then , I was thinking , my friends and I didn't spend a much precious time together because of the annoying school's 'after pmr programmes'-.-. Nevertheless . we're still got a chance to hold several Pes 6 tournament in Access Room and a hideous class which would prevent the presence of one of the teacher who was frightened by most of students , Cikgu Sugiman , although he was still came to us and fortunately , we escape with Isma's excuse . fuhh . Quite a long sentence .

Nak dijadikan cerita , I'd met someone during this boring school holidays just several days ago . It was a spontaneous appointment with her , not so much prepared i might add . We met at a special place where nobody can interfere our 'date' :p I don't think to state the place here , for our personal sake .

We talk about many things , this and that , these and those , from our basic life into a deep conversation level it could ever be and honestly , i'd a wonderful time with you during that time despite our shy , at first . When our shyness were gone , we could heard 'click' sounds all over again , if you know what i mean ; snap and snap , together . And what made me happy was the pictures were perfectly taken , in fact of your cuteness and my good-lookingness *haha* which added the perfection of those pictures . They're still charming untill now , till forever i hope , ceh~

And at that time , she asked me a serious question , several actually , which made me speechless for a little moment . Did I answer those question ? I didn't remember lah . I'm still confused you know , why is it so hard to keep my complicated feeling ongoing no matter how hard it is . Choosing is one of my weaknessess :( . You understand me , right ? We're not in romantic film where all things were perfectly going from the beginning towards the end , I need my time .

On top of that , it's still be an issue for me that why I am still dealing with you here despite our painful old memories that mostly causen by me , sadly . I'm impressed with your fortitude all the way through . Hope is much greater than fear . Unfortunately , i had those elements in the same time ! wow :o

I spend quite a lot of time preparing this blog post as this is my first trial to write blog post in English . Maybe there are lot of mistakes , but at least , it's better to try . ceh .